Trifilon recently completed a successful Pre-IPO that strengthened it’s financial position with SEK 85 million. The funds will primarily be used to expand and commercialize the company’s development of climate-smart biocomposites.

“Many product owners that are dependent on plastic in their production say that they want to be more sustainable, but cannot live up to it. For them, Trifilon is the solution. We are a global player that offers climate-smart materials in three product families; BioLite™, Revo™ and Switch™”, says Johan Thiel, CEO of Trifilon.

Trifilon has been working since 2012 to develop climate-smart materials and since 2015 with a focus on injection moldable biocomposites. The transformation from 100% fossil-based materials to more sustainable materials must increase rapidly.  Trifilon can already today offer materials that use significantly less fossil based petroleum and even plastic alternatives that are completely bio-based. The company has now established a 3000m2  platform for the development of biocomposites in Nyköping, one hour south of Sweden’s capital city of Stockholm. The new facility includes a full-scale development environment with a complete test lab, prototype production and injection molding capabilities, as well as production capacity of up to 5,000 tonnes per year.

“Plastic will not disappear. The need is actually increasing. Whatever we do from a regulatory perspective, plastic will not decrease. We want to give brands a sustainable option so they can make the right decision. A climate-smarter choice is the only sustainable one. ” says Johan Thiel.

Trifilon is now accelerating its pace of expansion and intends to list the company within 18 months.

For further information and contact:
Martin Lidstrand, Founder & CTO Trifilon, 0706 66 77 63,
Johan Thiel, CEO Trifilon, 0733 99 67 75,