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Climate smart plastics

Reducing carbon footprint by at least 40%, often up to 90%.

CO2 reduction by our clients from using sustainable material from Trifilon

Total CO2 reduction

Laps around the world with a fossil fueled car.

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The companies we work with, big and small, want to improve sustainability and care about quality.



The Swedish outdoor brand Silva presented the first liquid-filled compass in 1933, and already in 1935, the first headlamp – the Zeiler – was introduced.
The Terra Scout is the world’s first headlamp made from Trifilon’s Revo biocomposite.



As one of the pioneers in the umbrella industry, Knirps has since 1928 a history of innovation and a time-honoured tradition of making quality products.  With its latest release – the Vision– Knirps is now integrating sustainability and eco-design into their latest umbrella.



A lightweight, natural fiber reinforced biocomposite helps form CAKE’s anti-poaching bushbike. Designed and engineered in Sweden, destined to make a big difference in Africa.

Lyft / Lab Green_Can

Lyft / Lab Green_Can

Engineered for food contact and improved haptics, Lyft/Lab’s sustainably designed snus can was a big step forward for developing more sustainable packaging.

Grimsholm Cable Spike

Grimsholm Cable Spike

No more buried plastic in your yard. A compostable, non-toxic biobased spike that won’t degrade into messy microplastics in your rhododendrons.

Very Good & Proper Latte Chair

Very Good & Proper Latte Chair

VG&P’s classic design ethos integrated into an outdoor furniture piece designed solely of biobased and recycled materials.



EPIC Travelgear gave their customers a green choice with the PhantomBIO, the world’s first suitcase made from a biocomposite.

Material Offerings

Trifilon has three material families, each with a key sustainability focus. We offer stock and custom materials based on your product requirements.

Custom Materials

Trifilon works with customers via R&D projects to test and fine-tune our standard materials so that they best fit application and sustainability goals.

Material Families


Combines food and kid safe polymers with plant fibers to reduce weight, improve mechanical performance and lower CO2 footprint.


Our vegan offering. All main ingredients are plant based and all grades are industrial compostable.


Upcycling recycled plastic. Our lowest C02 footprint materials created with recycled plastic with plant fibers. Aiming for a CO2-neutral footprint.

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Why Trifilon?

Trifilon wants to make a difference now. We work to bring sustainable technologies in plastic into the manufacturing world that can be used right away.

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