Silva’s new headlamp Terra Scout is announced as the winner of the Scandinavian Outdoor Sustainability Award 2022. Terra Scout is a step towards a brighter and more sustainable future. Smart innovations together with the well-known and successful concept of “reuse, reduce, recycle” are part of Silva’s strategy going forward.

The Swedish outdoor brand Silva presented the first liquid-filled compass in 1933, and already in 1935, the first headlamp – the Zeiler – was introduced. Ever since, Silva has continued to develop outdoor products for both world athletes and everyday adventurers. The new Terra Scout headlamp-series have been awarded as the best sustainable product for Fall Winter 2022.

Terra Scout is made of the Revo material produced by the Swedish company Trifilon. The Trifilon Revo consists of recycled polymers mixed with plant fibres from hemp and has up to 90% lower CO2 emissions compared to standard plastics. The Revo material has not been coloured in the Terra Scout series, which means that each headlamp has a unique look.

Terra Scout is the perfect headlamp for hiking adventures with a map and compass, for dog walks in the evening, or for cosy moments in the tent when darkness falls.  Terra Scout will be launched in three different models and available in stores from September 2022 with a recommended retail price from EUR 39,99.