Why Trifilon?
We help the makers who value quality and sustainability.

Our materials:

  • Improve sustainability metrics
  • Are tested for high performance
  • Tell a clear story
  • Are available globally for big and small projects alike
  • Can be tailored quickly

The Journey Starts Here

Manufacturers and designers who use plastics often say they want to improve sustainability but can’t.

Many alternative materials:

  • Don’t improve sustainability
  • Can’t ensure quality
  • Have limited availability
  • Use technology
    still in development

Trifilon’s biocomposites solve these problems. They represent a sustainability step that manufacturers can take immediately.

“From the beginning, it’s always been about sustainability and performance. It’s really the only path forward.”

— Martin Lidstrand, Co-Founder and CTO, Trifilon

Make an impact today


Trifilon works with the complex issues surrounding sustainability and ensures its materials make improvements that are science-based, measurable and ready for the market. Part of our mission is helping clients understand the improvements and helping them communicate to their customers.


All our biocomposites include plant fibers, including some of nature’s strongest. Trifilon has patented innovative technology to use these ultra-strong fibers and ensure they are incorporated smoothly and consistently in our material production.


Trifilon delivers granulates that can be used in conventional injection molding machines. Our staff is on call to help with testing and process optimization.

The road ahead

At Trifilon, we aim to be the leaders in sustainable and high performance biocomposites. We’re continually exploring new bio-material technologies and investigating how to bring them to market. Technologies already exist for polymers made from renewable sources, which can be recycled, and which can decompose after use.

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