Privacy- and Cookie Policy & GDPR

Trifilon Company Privacy Policy

Trifilon AB handles personal data in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679. Personal data includes, for example, contact information of customers and suppliers, which is used for external communication and for creating and fulfilling business contracts. This policy explains how our organization uses the personal data we collect through personal contact and forms on our website,

What data is collected?

Trifilon collects and stores personal information including names, organization of employment or association, email addresses, and phone numbers.

From whom do we collect data?

Trifilon collects data as part of its regular business operations from potential and current customers and suppliers. Trifilon also collects contact data from interested third parties such as members of business associations, non-profit groups, universities, material libraries, political organizations, and media.

How is the data collected?

Trifilon collects data through personal contact and via forms on the website or requests for information.

How do we store the data?

Trifilon stores data through Google’s CRM platform, Streak. This platforms provide detailed information about the storage of data on their servers, the use of cookies, and data security in their respective privacy statements available here:

How do we use the data?

Data is either used for sales or other business communication or else for receipt of external communication.