Open and honest

Our mission is to recognize the importance of plastics in our lives and make their production, use, and reuse more sustainable immediately.

Why we need plastics

Plastics have revolutionized life as we know it. From healthcare, to agriculture, to water treatment, to information technology and even safety equipment, plastics have benefited society in innumerable ways.

Plastics are versatile, cost-effective, require less energy to produce than alternative materials – such as metal or glass – and can be manufactured to have many different properties.

What’s the problem with plastics?

Despite enabling a more advanced society that can enjoy their many benefits – from clean medical equipment to efficient food packaging – plastics have clear downsides:

  • Primarily petroleum based
  • Made from non-renewable, fossil sources
  • Persistent in nature
  • Widely over used
  • No obvious replacement in many applications
  • Can contain harmful toxins

How to Solve this?

Trifilon helps replace plastics with plant fibers, storing C02 and mitigating climate change.

  • Help mitigate climate change
  • Utilize C02 sequestering natural fibers
  • Don’t compete with food production
  • No hazardous or toxic substance
  • Promote biodiversity, sustainable farming and silviculture

Carbon Footprint Comparison

Transparency in Sustainability

For us, transparency is a critical enabler for sustainability. By being open and honest with ourselves and our partners, we’re better able to avoid the pitfalls of greenwashing. That’s why we collaborate with independent sustainability and LCA experts like IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

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