Material Offerings

Trifilon has three material families, each with a key sustainability focus. We offer stock and custom materials based on your product requirements.


We offer stock and custom materials depending on sustainability goals and the specific material requirements. Trifilon works closely with customers through all stages of adoption from sample testing to pre-production runs to ensure custom material grades achieve sustainability goals and application performance.


Material Families


Mixes food safe polypropylene with plant fibers to reduce weight, improve mechanical properties and lower CO2 footprint

The long technical bast fibers of plants like industrial hemp are typically used in BioLite to reinforce polypropylene. Natural fibers can make up 10 to 35% of our standard BioLite grades. This biocomposite is highly versatile both mechanically and aesthetically. The natural fibers reduces CO2 footprint significantly and makes for lighter weight materials than when other reinforcements are used.


Takes main ingredients from plants and is compostable

All the main ingredients in Switch are plant based. A starch-based polyester is reinforced with fibers from wood cellulose and long-bast plants like industrial hemp. The bio-based polyester is derived from plants like sugarcane. When desired, with applied heat and humidity, they decompose in industrial composting.


Uses recycled polypropylene with plant fibers and aims at a CO2-neutral footprint

The polypropylene in Revo biocomposites is recycled. It comes from highly-consistent industrial waste streams in northern Europe and is reinforced with natural fibers. The carbon accounting for products made with Revo can show a significant C02 footprint reduction due to the sequestration-effect of the plant fiber and the re-purposing of existing polymers.

Custom Materials

A Custom Way Forward

Trifilon works with customers via R&D projects to test and fine-tune our standard materials so that they best fit application and sustainability goals.

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