Designing for a greener future

Trifilon Switch® offers designers a sustainable choice that works just like regular plastic for a variety of applications. It makes for an easy choice for those eco-minded visionaries who want to integrate bio-based materials into their products. It’s look and feel are organic. And when the lifetime of your product is over, your customers can dispose of it at an industrial composting facility where it will turn back into soil.

Benefits with Trifilon Switch

  • Up to 70% bio-based grades available
  • 70% CO2 reduction compared to standard ABS
  • Dry haptics – less oily “plastic” feel
  • Good stiffness + dimensional stability
  • No GMO agriculture feedstocks
  • Matches important circularity narrative

Grimsholm Green

Signal Cable Bio-Spike


Trifilon Switch

Sustainability Improvement:

Industrial Compostable and High Bio-Content

Key performance metrics:

  • Compostable over time
  • No heavy metals / toxic
  • Vegan friendly + No GMO feedstocks

With a clear focus on long-term growth, Grimsholm realized that sustainability was an essential point for its Swedish and European customers.

Through a tight collaboration with Trifilon and its local injection molding partner, Grimsholm was able to move production back to Sweden and even lower its logistics C02 footprint.

The new bio-spike is made from Trifilon Switch, an innovative thermoplastic biocomposite made from renewable, non-GMO plant-based feedstocks that incorporates C02 sequestering hemp fibers sourced from eco-friendly EU farms.

in Depth

Engineering a sustainable material

Trifilon Switch® is a family of plant fiber reinforced biocomposites whose resins are starch-based aliphatic polyesters, commonly referred to as polylactic acid (PLA), made from responsibly-grown sugarcane. All the main ingredients in Switch come from agricultural products. They’re also industrial compostable. That means Switch is a plastic that comes from plants and that disappears after use.

Renewable resources

The main ingredients in most conventional plastics are dug up, mined, or pumped from the ground. Once they’re used, they can’t be replaced. Trifilon Switch is something different. The main ingredients in Switch come from farm crops that can be harvested, used, and replanted.

This avenue of sustainability is immediately understandable: Plastic products don’t need to nibble at the Earth’s resources and be turned into materials that will persist as waste for thousands of years. Switch is derived from plants and it degrades to organic compounds when it is industrial composted.

Going going gone

Trifilon Switch is a marvel. Not only is it strong, but under just the right conditions it will disappear before your very eyes. Being made from renewable, bio-based sources, Trifilon Switch is fully compostable when disposed of properly in industrial composting facilities.

When developing Switch, we initially had our doubts as to whether something so robust would degrade. As it turns out, after 39 days at 58C and high humidity, our Switch samples were all gone!

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