On it’s quest to develop sustainable electric motorbikes, CAKE recently released their newest version of their award winning off-road motorcycle – the Kalk AP (for anti-poaching) in collaboration with the Southern African Wildlife College and Goal Zero. And this newest version is solar-powered for good reason. The clean energy powered drivetrain means less noise which in turn means minimal disturbance for the native wild animals in their habitat, and also a means not to alert the poachers on the prowl. The bike doesn’t need to be hooked to the electrical grid for a charge, adding to its versatility in operation sans any time delays. This two-wheeler is based on the original Kalk bike that created quite a buzz when CAKE burst into the scene. The African terrain is quite harsh for vehicle components, hence, the Kalk AP bike has been modified to deal with extreme temperatures, and the mechanical parts and electrical components are sealed to ward-off dust damage. Trifilon’s lightweight and robust biocomposites were selected for all of the KALK AP’s plastic components to handle the tough terrain and conditions that the African bush will entail.

“This is truly an inspiring project where conversation, sustainability and innovation can combine to really make a difference for threatened ecosystems,” says Trifilon’s CEO Johan Thiel.

For more information visit the Electric Bush Bike project.